About FSB

Hello and welcome to For Small Businesses! This site is dedicated in creating a space for start-up small business owners. This site is primary here to give businesses a chance to get established online with ease and affordability in mind.

This is the vision I had for this website long before I had the resources to make it possible. I’ve owned this domain name for over 10 years with this idea that I wanted to give entrepreneurs a chance to create their online space easily and with affordability even for free if I could. This was back long before anything like this existed…long before Myspace or Facebook were ever a thing. This is where my creative problem solving mind went to.

Forward years later…I’m here still trying to make this space happen for entrepreneurs. As a freelance web developer and graphic designer and with many years of experience of developing websites for small to medium sized businesses, I recognized the need for small businesses to be able make transactions simply and securely online. In today’s world it’s now become a necessity for business to survive. No matter the type business being able to provide that easy online transaction for product or services is much needed for success.

I am aware there are plenty of very well known established websites that provide this in mind, in being able to create a simple online shop experience but I feel they tend to be pricey especially for those only starting out. I also feel that the costs can be considerable especially as growth and success comes to those that become more established, in which the cost increase profoundly as profits do. I feel this isn’t always fair, although understand the need for increase in cost of services being there is costs that arise with a growth and larger scale online business. However, there should be a point reached when a business out grows the tools such as these and should go onto having their own website developed.

So with that aside…I feel that the profits gained from any small business, should go directly to the business owner. After all it is the owner of the business that is the reason for their own success, in creating a wonderful product or service that their customers have known to love. They alone are the reason for the success of all the marketing hours in place and it should be 100% rewarded with their earnings.

It’s here to be stated that FSB is simply the engine or tool to help make selling online possible by providing you a simple way to set up your business online safely and easily and at a flat rate for all. It doesn’t scale up because your profits do. Costs are the same based on which package fits you. It doesn’t matter if you sell dozens, hundreds or thousands…your cost remains the same.

Keep in mind FSB will always keep membership cost as reasonable as possible. To be honest I’d be happy to find out a way to make it free if I could and one of the main reasons for the monthly fee is to not help cover my monthly expenses but to also keep out spammers and non related serious business owners.

To make it clear, FBS main focus is to keep costs low and ability to create an online store simple and possible to anyone daring to go after their dreams and willing to make their start to that journey now.

We hope that FSB is able to be a part of making that happen for you.

Much Success to you and your dreams.


For Small Business Team


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